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Automotive Registration Services for California

Registration Services


1. Renewal of Tags
2. Title Transfers
3. Out of State Transfers( Vehicles coming from other States)
4. Salvage Title Transfers/ and out of State Salvage
5. Junk Vehicle
6. Register a New Vehicle
7. Register Vessels
8. Duplicate Plates
9. Duplicate Title
10. Renewal of Atvs, off Road Motorcycle, off hwy vehicles
11. Run a record lookup
12. Suspension Removal
13. Non- Operation Vehicles


1. Are you the DMV?
       We are not the DMV,  we are a licensed partner of the Department of Motor Vehicles to prepare and process paperwork for registering vehicles in the state of California.

2. How long does it take to process a transaction?
     The transaction process takes about 5-10 minutes, as long as you have the necessary documents to process the transaction. Every transaction can be different and will need to be reviewed.

3. What is needed to renew my Sticker?
    You will need the Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice, if you do not have it, you can bring in the Vehicle Registration. We will be able to get you in and out of the offices within minutes.

4. Does my vehicle need a Smog Check?
    The DMV will send you a renewal notice and on their it will state if you need a smog or not. Usually for a Renewal, it is every 2 years that they require a smog. For a transfer, you will need a smog check.

5. Can I apply for a Duplicate Title?
    Yes, We can apply for a duplicate title, just stop by and we can apply for you. You will need a copy of the registration.

6. Do you carry Sticker and Plates in your office?
    Yes, we have all the inventory here in our office.

7. If someone steals or I lose my plate, can you apply for another one?
    Yes, we can apply for duplicate Plates and you will receive them instantly. We ask that your bring in a copy of the registration.

8. What is a Salvage Title?
    A Salvage Title is a Total loss vehicle that was reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles by an insurance Company or by the owner.

9.Can you remove my Vehicle Suspension?
    Yes, we can do same day vehicle suspension removals, you will need to bring in your registration and proof of insurance. Yes, there is a $14.00 DMV fee.

10. Do you charge a Service Fee?
    Yes, we do charge a service fee and it depends on the transaction.